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Pisa Pools T/A Mayfair Pools and Spas has been selling spas for over 20 years, we are committed to providing you with excellent service, our expertise and knowledge will simplify the often confusing spa selection process and ensure you get the best spa for you.

There is so much to love about owning a Sundance spa. Just pull back the spa cover and your Sundance spa is ready to go.

  • Experience healing relief from warm-water therapy jets.
  • Energy efficiency helps reduce chemical maintenance and operating costs.
  • ClearRay water purification system makes water care easy, even reducing the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed.
  • Advanced Filtration – the dual filtration process coupled with ClearRay water purification is more effective.
  • Full-foam insulated (foam along the shell, the floor, and the cabinet), making them among the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market!
  • EcoWrap® for the 880 & 780 Series - This factory installed option is ideal for cold weather climates. The insulation blanket achieves up to 25% energy usage reduction, protects from moisture and mold, and reduces operating noise.
  • Hydrotherapy Treatment – Heat, buoyancy, massage.

Please contact us for more information or alternative options.